Amare Stoudemire recently punched through some glass and…

photo courtesy NH Register

Amare Stoudemire recently punched through some glass and messed up his hand pretty badly. For those who don’t follow the NBA, let alone care to know who all the players are, Stoudemire is a star player on the New York Knicks. After a loss in the playoffs, his frustration got the better of him and he put his fist through the protective case of a fire extinguisher, seriously injuring his hand, which kept him from playing in the next game. It was an impulse, a split-second decision, and only after he punched the glass did he start to think about the consequences.

Even high-paid NBA players make mistakes. Stoudemire made a choice that he later wished he hadn’t, which is not uncommon. Sometimes people end up in difficult, unfavorable situations that they didn’t plan for. A mistake, or a choice you regret, however, can be an opportunity to learn and often can be a unique chance to grow as a person. Even when it may feel like it can’t be reversed, there are people, organizations, and resources around you ready to help you grow and figure out how to move forward – sometimes it only takes a few stitches (in Stoudemire’s case), a conversation with somebody, or a couple of phone calls to local shelters. The National Runaway Switchboard is here to help you push forward.

– Colin


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