The end of May is characterized by barbecues, picnics, maybe…

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The end of May is characterized by barbecues, picnics, maybe fireworks, kids running around with sparklers, and usually parades – across the country, this weekend will be a day longer in celebration of Memorial Day. I remember marching as a little leaguer in the Memorial Day parade that took place every year in the center of my hometown. All that mattered to me was that I had my brown bag filled with candy to throw out to the crowd lining the streets and that I could stuff handfuls into my pockets between tosses. Leading the parade and pulling up the tail-end were older men and women, people who looked more like my grandparents, decked out in fancy uniforms of different kinds, some of them meandering along in vintage cars with American flags adorned to any place they could get them to stay put. Those older people that I watched as I walked along in my knee-high socks had been to war for the U.S. and they were marching, most importantly, to remember other service members who had not been as fortunate to return from war.

Neighborhoods and communities around the country will be grilling food and enjoying late-spring weather during this coveted long-weekend to close out the month of May – remember those people this weekend is meant to honor as you bite into your hotdog and light your sparkler.

– Colin


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