Step-families and blended families are often characterized…

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Step-families and blended families are often characterized by complicated relationships and complicated feelings and emotions within those relationships. As a son or daughter, you may have a step-mom, step-dad, and/or step-siblings. Figuring out how to handle those relationships can be difficult, especially when it may seem like your new family members are replacing somebody or that they don’t belong.

When I was in fourth grade, my mom remarried, and my sisters and I had to move into a new house with a new step-dad and step-sister. It definitely wasn’t easy. Being disciplined by my step-dad pissed me off and having to include my step-sister in the things I did was annoying. What was important was being open about my feelings, communicating with my mom, and understanding that I was not the only one in the family dealing with new people and new feelings.

As I have grown up, my relationships with them have matured and there is love and respect between us, but my story is only one example. Step-families, just like biological families, come with unique relationships, unique sets of problems, and everyone has a unique way of responding to their various circumstances. It can be overwhelming. Staff and volunteers at 1-800-RUNAWAY are here to help you sort out your feelings and figure out how you feel most comfortable dealing with them.

– Colin


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