The Avengers: apparently a good flick, but I still haven’t seen…

photo courtesy Marvel

The Avengers: apparently a good flick, but I still haven’t seen it. Now who wants to hear my opinion on it? Well, on Rotten Tomatoes, a high-traffic movie review site, The Avengers is “certified Fresh,” meaning it has received more good reviews than bad – in this case, 247 “fresh” votes to 18 “rotten” votes. Not bad, especially in the face of the high expectations that go along with a movie that incorporates four superheroes who have already had success in the box office. Then again, with so much action, superhuman strength, and evil-crushing, how could you go wrong? (Watch The Hulk from 2003 and you’ll see how.)

I’ve been pretty averse to superhero movies lately simply because Hollywood has been pumping them out like fast-food tacos – inconsistent in quality and content. When making money is at the heart of the operations, quality tends to be left behind. Happily, it seems that this brigade of superheroes has merged great action and CGI with engaging storytelling and well-developed characters. It’s a story of people working together and pooling their resources to accomplish a common goal (you know, among other things).

– Colin


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