Just like learning to ride a bike, you won’t know it’s…

Bike To School Month, Day Four

photo by carfreedays via flickr

Just like learning to ride a bike, you won’t know it’s better to stay upright unless you fall. Mistakes happen, more than we’d like to admit, but why should it be like that? Mistakes aren’t worth anything if we simply pass them off as failures and, unfortunately, failure is generally frowned upon in American culture. This mentality of avoiding failure is especially visible in school, where students often feel extreme pressure to be “right” and complete assignments correctly the first time rather than learn from mistakes along the way. While that’s not an absolute, and it’s certainly not the case all the time, generally we learn that failure is not a part of doing well in the traditional school setting.

But failure is not bad. From failures, we can gain insight into what doesn’t work and how to better perform a task. We can understand the process behind things rather than just know what the end product should be. Liners at 1-800-RUNAWAY are always here to talk if you’re feeling bad, stressed, or unsure of what you can do next to keep moving forward.

– Colin


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