For those of you who are heading into summer break, you…

photo by Akira ASKR via Flickr

For those of you who are heading into summer break, you might be thinking, “Awesome. Three months of no school and nothing to do.” Yet, you might also be concerned about being at home, having nowhere else to go, and feeling the pressure of your parents or family always being around. As carefree as summer is imagined to be, it carries with it stresses of its own, no question. Being at home can be more stressful than being at school, so thinking of ways to stay occupied and manage your time at home could be useful.

Going to community centers, recreational areas, and local parks could all be possible alternatives to spending all day at home – and maybe favorable to your parents or guardians as well. Of course, going anywhere can be difficult if your parents won’t let you or want you at home to take care of other responsibilities. Making sure you have people to talk to, who you can vent to, like friends or neighbors, is never a bad thing and it can usually help to relieve frustration. Teen Ink has a huge collection of links to summer programs and various activities geared towards all kinds of interests.

– Colin


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