Did you know it’s possible to receive certain types of…

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Did you know it’s possible to receive certain types of healthcare without parental consent? Since healthcare is not federally regulated, the services that you can receive with or without the consent of your parents will vary by state. It is important that you check out your local state laws in regards to health care for minors since each state may have their own regulations that would determine whether you’re eligible. In states where minors are allowed to consent to their own health care, you may be able to request birth control. In addition to contraceptives, you may be able to consent to testing and/or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

Depending on your location, there are health clinics that specifically address the needs of teens. These clinics often provide certain services free of no cost or on a sliding scale. To locate a clinic, you can visit Planned Parenthood, or give us a call at 1-800-RUNAWAY. In addition to providing you with the clinic information, we can conference call with you to help advocate for you.

Another option to consider, especially if you’re in a state that doesn’t allow healthcare without parental consent? Talking to your parents about your health concerns may be a difficult conversation to have but sometimes it is crucial if it means staying safe and healthy.

– Dyanne


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