Over the past decade, there has been tremendous strides in…

image by Mike Licht via flickr

Over the past decade, there has been tremendous strides in the ways technology is accessible to us. The internet literally puts everything in your hand and now you no longer have to be at in front of a computer or at home to access it. You can use the internet to watch your favorite romantic comedy, read your favorite detective novel, listen to your new favorite song, shop for the latest fashions, keep in touch with old friends: you name it, and I am more than certain that you can find a way to do it via the internet.

The internet has also become a popular search tool to locate self-help services such as support groups, counseling, vocational training, legal aid, etc. When it comes to reaching out for self-help services, the internet is easier and convenient than other methods, especially for the youth population. The internet makes you more comfortable seeking services while out in the public, there is no need for a verbal conversation so all that you do is private. For example, you can search our bulletin board for topics you might need help with, or text your questions to info@1800runaway.org. Having such a wide range of communication options gives us the ability to reach out to all youth who may have limited access to reach us or have a preferred method of communication.

– Dyanne


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