Summer has arrived. Are you finding yourself…

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Summer has arrived. Are you finding yourself bored out of your mind? Are you scrabbling in search of things to do daily? Are your parents driving you nuts? Did all of your friends head to camp or out of town for the summer? If you are clueless as to how to occupy your time, look no further for suggestions.

Since I am most familiar with the resources available within in the city of Chicago, I will use it as my point of reference – but you should have these resources in your city as well. Aside from the beautiful skyline and bipolar climate, Chicago, like many other cities, offers its teenage residents free and fun activities. If your city has a Park district, it is a great place to start your search. The Chicago Park District offers activities ranging from culture and arts (theater, music, etc.) to sports (bowling, lacrosse, tennis, etc.) to wellness (yoga, aerobics, fitness, etc.). If you search through the district activity schedule, you would find several things to get involved in and never experience a dull moment. The majority of the activities offered by the park district are free for the residents of the city or offered at a minimal fee when compared to private for-profit organizations. Park district information for your area of the country can be found by visiting the website for your town.

There are also Boys and Girls Clubs with locations throughout the country. The Boys and Girls Clubs might not offer the same range of activities or as many as a park district but they do provide the same outlet that many teens are looking for.

– Dyanne


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