So there was a lot of buzz in the media when Frank…

Frank Ocean

photo courtesy Nabil/Spin Magazine

So there was a lot of buzz in the media when Frank Ocean decided to open up about his sexual orientation. There have been a lot of negative responses but it is always great when you can counter the negative with the positive.

The creators of Hate Tweets of Frank Ocean have taken that idea to a new level. This website shares the cruel and malicious replies to Frank’s coming out but it also gives readers the opportunity to fight hate with love by responding with kind words. The concept behind the website is really neat although I couldn’t help but to think about what the everyday ‘no fame’ Frank Oceans must experience. I thought about how cruel kids can be especially when they have never been taught to accept those different from them. I thought about all of the kids, pretweens, and teens who have committed suicide because of the very same actions that were being done to Frank Ocean. I wonder in a world with so much diversity why it is so hard to respect those different from you.

– Dyanne


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