A lot…

3 out of 4 paper cutout people agree – job interviews don’t have to be intimidating.

A lot of teens generally find their first job in retail industry or at a restaurant. Although the jobs may not be the same, the tips on interviewing for these jobs are. You always want to make a great first impression because if not it may be the last. You want to dress in business attire or at least business casual. Wear simple and solid colors; you don’t want to wear patterns and colors that are too distracting or unprofessional. Use the internet to your advantage; browse over possible interview questions. Come prepared! Do not bring your friends along with you to the interview. If you must bring someone along, make sure they wait outside or in the lobby. Speak slowly and clearly. Don’t rush, you have time, it’s an interview. Most importantly, be yourself and allow your personality to shine.

– Dyanne


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