I can recall the first job interview I…

Jerry Maguire helped me get a job. True Story.

I can recall the first job interview I went on. It was during the spring semester of my sophomore year and it was for a summer job. My school counselor had signed me up as a candidate for this city business program that provided summer jobs in various business sectors to high school students. I remember submitting the application and receiving the letter that I had been selected to come in for an interview. And oh boy, was I nervous! I was excited as well about the prospects of having my first job but anxiety had definitely kicked in. I told my family about the upcoming interview and lucky for me I had over a week to prepare. My aunts helped me pick out some casual business attire. My aunts also agreed to come along with me to my interview which provided so much relief. Interview day arrives, we had downtown, and upon arrival I noticed there are a bunch of other teens there with their parents as well. Another sigh of relief! My aunts coached me a little before going inside, mainly reminding me to remain calm. I went in and I think I had one of the best of interviewers for the position. He was an extremely cool, laid back, down to earth type of guy. I remember being asked “what was one of my favorite movies?” No problem, I had recently saw Jerry Maguire and I thought it was one the cutest love stories. The interviewer responded with “you had me at hello” and we both laughed. The interview proceeded and I worked my first job that summer at a company that dealt with stocks and bonds.

Do you have a first interview experience to share?

– Dyanne


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