Sometimes it is easier to define what makes a relationship…

photo by Tripl via flickr

Sometimes it is easier to define what makes a relationship unhealthy because many are taught what they shouldn’t allow to happen in a relationship. If someone were to you ask “what is a healthy relationship”, would you be able to respond immediately or would you respond with examples of an unhealthy one? I asked myself the same question and initially I thought of the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship but from there I was able to compile the following ingredients for a healthy recipe. Good communication skills; there should be a platform in the relationship that allows for open respectful communication without any repercussion. Honesty is required in order to build trust. Trust is needed because without it a lot of unnecessary and unhealthy behaviors can erupt (i.e. jealousy, domination). It’s also good to support him or her, actively listen to your partner, show appreciation and faith in your mate, provide words of encouragement and be understanding. Being able to compromise is vital when it comes to dealing with conflict that might arise within the relationship.

For some people the way a relationship looks is defined by what they have witnessed growing up. For others it is what they see or hear in the media. What does a healthy or unhealthy relationship looks like to you? What factors have contributed to your views?

– Dyanne


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