It seems in the marketing and…

French Vogue Cadeaux editorial shoot

photo courtesy Vogue Paris/Sharif Hamza

It seems in the marketing and advertising industry less is always better, from the model’s clothing size and now even to the age. But how young is too young? I remember when I first came across an article that was discussing the French Vogue campaign pictured above that consisted of girls as young as 5 wearing grown women’s clothing, accessories, and make-up. Many readers were disgusted and appalled that her parents would even allow it. I was disturbed that Vogue, such as well known magazine, would allow such racy photos to be taken and placed in their magazine of children. It seems that there is growing research that suggests over sexualization of girls lead to unhealthy psychological development. The American Psychological Association Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls has developed a report that addresses these concerns. The report also include positive alternatives to the sexualization of girls, tips on what parents and girls can do, and resources that empower young girls. What thoughts come to mind upon viewing this picture?

– Dyanne


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