Friends are great to have but when can you tell if they…


photo by h.koppdelaney via flickr

Friends are great to have but when can you tell if they are helping or hurting. So let’s dig a little to see whether your friends are putting you in dangerous situations or keeping your best interest in mind.

Do your friends encourage you to engage in risky behavior such as taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or having unprotected sex? Are your friends honest with you regardless if you are in agreement or disagreement with them? Do your friends respect your decisions even if they don’t entirely agree with you? Do your friends get upset if you don’t want to party or do the things they’re doing?

The list of questions can go on, but with the questions provided, you may be able to get an idea of how healthy your relationship is with your friend. Sometimes it’s useful to write a list of pros and cons of having a person in your life. Take note of the times you do find yourself in unsafe situations…who is with you?

– Dyanne


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