Halloween has arrived. Is this a holiday you celebrate? Did…

Safe Trick or Treat 2010

photo by Inkyhack via flickr

Halloween has arrived. Is this a holiday you celebrate? Did you already start your celebration over the past weekend or earlier in the month?

The experience of Halloween has changed over the years especially for those attend elementary school. A lot of children no longer go out into their communities and trick-or-treat. Instead, it’s parties hosted by friends or organizations. I believe safety has become the number one factor as to why parents have shifted their Halloween rituals.

There are a lot safe and inexpensive things you can do for Halloween as teenagers as well. There’s always the hosted party; friends can come together and pitch in for the expenses to make it more affordable for everyone. Rent a scary movie or watch some of the free marathons that will air on tv. Attend a haunted house; check locally with your park district, YMCA, or other community centers for cheaper prices. Go trick-or-treating with a group of friends during daylight; wear costumes to add some thrill to the experience.

– Dyanne


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