Peer pressure doesn’t just affect school-aged children or…

photo by bugmonkey via flickr

Peer pressure doesn’t just affect school-aged children or teens – it also affects adults. Peers are people who are or around your age. When they try to influence your behavior, it’s called peer pressure. Sometimes your peers may try to influence you to do the right thing (go to school, study for your exams). This is an example of positive peer pressure. When most people think of peer pressure, they automatically assume that it’s negative.

The previous example shows that peer pressure doesn’t always have to be negative but what do you do when it is? What would you do if a friend asked you to participate in an activity that you knew was dangerous? Would you go along for fear of receiving backlash? It is difficult to know how exactly you would behave if you have never found yourself in that situation. It will probably be tough to say “no”, especially if you’re the only one who says it, but remember it can be done. You have to pay attention to your own feelings and beliefs and do what you know is the right thing to do.

– Dyanne


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