Teen dating violence is a lot more common than…

photo by Taylor Dawn Fortune via flickr

Teen dating violence is a lot more common than most would like to think. I’m pretty sure you probably remember the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. It was publicly made aware that Chris Brown had been verbally and physically abusing his then girlfriend, Rihanna. What shocked so many people is that the image Chris Brown had before the news was made public. No one would have guessed that someone like him could be a perpetrator of such an offense.

That idea alone leaves to me wonder what does an abuser looks like. Is there a certain aura about that type of person? Are there specific characteristics one should look out for? The answers to those questions are yes and no. While violence is related to certain risk factors; there is no sure way to predict an abuser just by looking at them. It is important to be knowledgeable of what a healthy relationship looks like.

There are resources available to teens that may be in an abusive relationship, know a friend who’s in one, or just want to know more information on the subject. The National Domestic Violence Hotline may be a great place to start. The hotline also operates a teen hotline, website, blog, and live chat services.

– Dyanne


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