Everyone is well aware of Mother’s & Father’s Days,…

photo by S.H.CHOW via flickr

Everyone is well aware of Mother’s & Father’s Days, but what about a day that acknowledges the grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins who steps up to the role of a father or mother? It is a known fact that every year more and more children are raised by non-traditional caregivers like relatives.

For some children, having the option to be cared for by a relative is what prevents them from entering the foster care system. For other children, that option doesn’t exist. Some children don’t have the choice of being raised by relatives; these children miss out on hearing stories about their parents, grandparents, or family history. When relatives are faced with the difficult decision of taking upon the responsibility of raising loved ones and are able to do so, they should be acknowledged.

– Dyanne


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