There will be times when you and your parents…

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photo by Glyn Lowe Photoworks via flickr

There will be times when you and your parents disagree. There will be times when you will become upset with your parents or vice versa. However, respect is something that should remain constant and not become compromised regardless of the situation.

Sometimes parents get lost in their authoritarian role and forget that respect is a mutual thing. Parents lose the notion of showing respect in order to they need to show respect to their children as well. Do you feel like your parents disrespect you when they get upset? If so, have you ever expressed how that makes you feel?

Respect should be a household boundary that everyone inside of that household should have to display, no matter what their age is. If you and your parents have household meetings, respect is a great topic to bring up. Another great way to address the issue of respect could be to write a letter expressing your feelings.

– Dyanne


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