Slavery is such a thing of the past and we have nothing to…

photo via Polaris Project

Slavery is such a thing of the past and we have nothing to worry about, right!? No!

When many hear the word slavery, one may think of something that occurred in the past – even though it continues today, even as you are reading this. The appearance of slavery may have changed to fit present day society and to become less detectable but it is still here.

Modern day slavery includes (and is not limited to) forced labor, sex trafficking, and involuntary domestic servitude. The victims are from across the globe including children, women, and men. Slavery and human trafficking is such of a problem that President Obama has proclaimed January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Human trafficking is the fastest growing and second largest criminal activity in the world. This is a problem that many are not aware of.

Like any problem, it is hard to combat or work towards a solution if no one is aware that the problem exists. Remember – there are resources available. The National Runaway Switchboard is available 24/7 and if we can assist directly, we can always direct you in the direction of someone who can. NRS is also willing to help you conference call other agencies.

– Dyanne


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