Building a good relationship with a new stepparent or…

photo by ogimogi via flickr

Building a good relationship with a new stepparent or siblings can be different and maybe even difficult. Parents have to understand that new adjustments can take time and it shouldn’t be rushed. After all, this person has been introduced into your life involuntary. It is important that you have a platform to express your feelings about the change.

If you feel comfortable talking to your parent or friend about the changes, it may help to unleash some emotions. Keeping your emotions bottled up may make things worse in the long run.

It is also important that you give yourself a chance to get to know your stepparent or sibling. Keep in mind that they may be just as nervous as you are about this new change. Extending a warm welcome and even planning an outing that only involves you and your stepparent may be a start to a good foundation. This outing may you all the opportunity to get know each other a little better.

Although there is no single blueprint to building a healthy relationship with a stepfamily, having an open mind and heart is a great first step.

– Dyanne


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