Unfortunately we as humans have a bad habit of…

photo by Thinkstock via The Week

Unfortunately we as humans have a bad habit of stereotyping and making broad generalizations about huge populations of people. We group everyone into the same boat and this isn’t always fair.

Teens are one group who are regularly seen as troublemakers in society. Teens are often viewed as unruly, disrespectful, and inconsiderate. But wait, how can we oversimplify such extra ordinaries, unique individuals? The truth of the matter is that we cannot and we should not. This article clearly goes against any preconceived notions society as planted into our brains about teens. This article demonstrates how heroic, remarkable, selfless, responsible, and considerate teens can be. Remember that there is good in us all – you have to be cautious to not be blinded by preconceptions you are or not aware of.

– Dyanne


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