Today seems to start off like any other day. You wake up…

photo by Rami â„¢ via flickr

Today seems to start off like any other day. You wake up but not before hitting the snooze button a couple of times. You finally crawl out of bed, shower, and eat breakfast. While getting ready for school, you glance at your phone to check the time and for messages several times. You’re running on schedule and nope, no messages.

Now you’re in school and its mid-day and nope, still no messages.

During lunch, you decide to send a couple of quick messages but nope, no instant text messages in response.

So now you decide to dial out and it turns out – your phone isn’t working.

Would you know how to cope without having your phone? Do you check your phone constantly every ten minutes for updates (texts, social networking, etc.)? Believe it or not, some people take social media breaks or even opt out of carrying cell phones because they like the freedom and peace of mind they receive.

Have you ever turned your phone completely off for a day? Spent a day with no googling every question or having a full conversation with someone without being distracted by text messages? If you have tried this before, what was the experience like and did you enjoy it?

– Dyanne


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