How to deal with anger as a teen
Do you know how to deal…

How to Deal with Anger | National Runaway Safeline

illustration by Jesse Lefkowitz

How to deal with anger as a teen

Do you know how to deal with anger? Are you constantly getting into arguments and fights with people? Do you feel upset and not in control of your emotions?

Well, as a teen, you are presented with a lot of challenges; not only is your body going through physical changes, but there are hormonal changes as well. The hormonal changes can cause mood swings and mixed emotions.

If you find yourself getting more anger than usual, it may be important to keep a close eye on it. Anger is a normal emotion and it’s perfectly normal to get upset and become anger.

However, if you are noticing that you are becoming increasingly angry to the point where you are thinking of harming yourself or others, this may be unhealthy. Anger management is not about learning to suppress your anger, but how to understand it and express it constructively. Learning to deal with anger can be challenging and it’s okay to reach out for support.

– Dyanne


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