Developing a healthy body image
Developing a healthy body…

Developing a healthy body image | National Runaway Safeline

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Developing a healthy body image

Developing a healthy body image is a challenge, but it is an important choice to make. Accepting yourself as you are is a great step towards improving your self-esteem.

Learning how to accept and appreciate your body can be challenging, especially in a society that values body perfection. Not only does today’s society place emphasis on body perfection, but it also creates unrealistic body standards for teens and adults. In a perfect world, ads would be required to show side-by-side pictures of the photoshopping performed on their models.

The challenge to accepting yourself

In a society where importance is place on body image, it should not be surprising that we deal with several diseases and disorders based on body image. It is critical for teens to understand that their bodies will undergo changes that are out of their control. As mentioned in the previous post, hormonal changes cause emotional changes but also bodily changes. This stage where all of these hormones start to become active is referred to as puberty. Puberty starts between ages 8 and 13 among girls and 9 and 15 among boys. So regardless if your body is going through changes or not, learning to accept your body plays a huge role with your self-esteem.

– Dyanne


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