Music! Everyone listens to it in one way or another…

picture by Jaco Haasbroek/Threadless

Music! Everyone listens to it in one way or another fashion. Many argue that music is an important aspect to any culture. But I wonder how many actually play attention to the lyrics of song. Do you analyze what you’re listening to? Do the lyrics or message actually make sense?

For instance, just the other day I was listening to “That’s why you’re beautiful” by Beyonce. She mentions that “diamonds used to be coal”. I thought to myself, “That can’t be!” Although diamonds and coal are both composed of carbon, they are not the same. Why? Diamonds are made of pure carbon while coal is a mixture organic molecules derived from ancient plants, fungi, and bacteria. Even if coal chemical composition changed over time, it still could never be diamonds because of the 3D arrangement of the carbon atoms inside of the coal.

The point of this post isn’t to discredit Beyonce as an artist. The point is to demonstrate that it’s not always best to take somebody’s words as truth, even if they are your favorite musician.

– Dyanne


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