Child Abuse Prevention Month
April is the month…

Child Abuse Prevention Month and How You Can Get Involved | National Runaway Safeline

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is the month where organizations throughout the nation try to raise more awareness about child abuse. According to KidsHealth, child abuse occurs when serious physical or emotional harm happens to a child.

Physical abuse is one of the most known forms of child abuse. Sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment, and emotional or psychological abuse are also forms of child abuse. It is often hard to figure out what constitutes child abuse because the laws defining child abuse varies throughout the United States.

If you believe you or someone else are suffering from child abuse, you can contact your local Child Protective Services agency or the national hotline, Child Help USA (1-800-422-4453).

If you are interested in getting involved in National Child Abuse Prevention Month, there are a variety of things you can do.

The Child Welfare Information Gateway has a list of ways that you can get involved on their site. Here are some of the numerous ways you can help:

• volunteering

• joining your State’s Prevent Child Abuse America chapter

• doing a presentation at your school

• passing out brochures

Child abuse can be a difficult topic to discuss but one of the first steps to combating it is speaking up and being supportive to someone who may be a victim of it.

– Dyanne


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