Summer is almost halfway over and some of you…

photo by Twentyfour Students via flickr

Summer is almost halfway over and some of you will be going back to school soon. These days, it’s fairly common to turn on the news and learn about a new school bullying incident. Schools are supposed to be safe places for youth and its as much the students’ job to make schools safe as it is teachers and administrators. It’s time for youth to take back the halls of their school and make sure that their peers feel safe within the school walls.

So what can you do to help make your classmates feel safe? If you see bullying in the halls, say something. Speak up for your classmates that can’t speak up for themselves. Use your words for good, rather than bad and make sure that you aren’t making classmates feel threatened or embarrassed in front of others; counteract bullying with kindness. Start an anti-bullying group at your school in order to spread the word about diversity and bullying. By advocating for your fellow classmates that might be getting bullied, you can help make your school a safe place for everyone. For more information on how you can help put an end to bullying, you can visit,

– Katrina


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