Guest columnist Tasha Richardson, a Public Ally for the National Runaway Safeline writes on The Power of YES. Tasha dreams of changing the…


Guest columnist Tasha Richardson, a Public Ally for the National Runaway Safeline writes on The Power of YES. 
Tasha dreams of changing the world one thought and positive interaction at a time.  She is in her third term of service with AmeriCorps and would love to dedicate her life to service in the years to come. You can read more of her work, including her Do.You. series, on our blog.

Today, let us try saying yes more often.  Yes can mean a variety of things depending upon the situation.  Yes can mean acceptance, receiving, and listening among other things.

Yes means acceptance when you accept the present  situation, person, circumstances, and/or events for what they are.  It is accepting  reality for what it is--not for what we wish it could be or what it is not.  This mentality can help free us from placing unnecessary energy into futile struggle, thus opening us up to the myriad of possibilities before us.

Scenario 1: Yes as Acceptance

Dinah is a single parent of four who arrives home to a messy house and discovers once again that her 17 year old daughter Katrina has gone to stay at her boyfriend Frank’s house–and has failed to mention when she’ll be home again.  Dinah can use the power of yes to accept the situation for what it is: the house is messy and Katrina is not home.  By accepting this, Dinah is not wasting her problem-solving abilities by wishing Katrina were a better daughter and that her kids were ‘better’ and more well-behaved like her friend Stacy’s children.

Yes means receiving when we welcome the unknown and known into our lives.  The unknown could be saying yes to an invitation, a new form of behaviour, or a new lesson that you learned about life and/or yourself.  Saying yes to the known could be opening yourself up to receiving the love and company of your loved ones.  Whether you are receiving and saying yes to the known or unknown, it is worthy to note that the cornerstone of being receptive is being fully present.  It is when you are fully present that you can receive the gifts that an experience, person, circumstance, and/or opportunity has to offer you.

Scenario 2: Yes as Receiving

Today, Brandon learned that he had the option to go to visit a  new site for work later on with his coworker.  Usually, Brandon would say no to this opportunity because he already has so much to do and he prefers to work alone.  However, in the spirit of adopting a say yes mentality and being in a receiving spirit, he agrees.  In his yes, Brandon opened himself up to receiving all of the good and the lessons to be learned from this trip.

Finally, yes means listening. In listening, you are aware and able to hear and see beyond.  This means saying yes to whatever message that is brought to your attention.  In your inner world, this means saying yes and listening to your needs when it comes to relationships with yourself and the outside world.  In your outer world, this means the  willingness to pay attention to the many opportunities that people give for you to truly listen to their perspectives and stories.

Scenario 3: Yes as Listening

Kiara came home today furious!  She hates it when her mom butts into her business–which is exactly what her mother  did when she called the school because she was ‘concerned’ about Kiara’s  grades that have been dropping.  All she wants is TO BE LEFT ALONE…can’t a girl have any privacy?   It’s her school and her life!  But then, Kiara remembered to say yes.  In saying yes, Kiara decided to actually hear her mom out–giving her full attention to her mom without the extra story and dialogue about how  unfair her life is and how much her mom lacks understanding.  When she did this, Kiara was able to hear beyond her mom’s rants to see that she really was worried about her and that she loved her deeply.

To close, let us challenge ourselves to say yes where we would have said no.  Let us determine what saying yes means to us and follow through with it.  Who knows?  In that space of abundance, the sky’s the limit as to what we can accomplish and learn.



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