Tasha Richardson, blogger for a beautiful patience, introduces a new series “Invest in YOU” for the National Runaway Safeline (check out the intro…

walletTasha Richardson, blogger for a beautiful patience, introduces a new series “Invest in YOU” for the National Runaway Safeline (check out the intro piece here and part one here). Tasha was a Public Ally for NRS and dreams of changing the world one thought and positive interaction at a time. You can read more of her work on a beautiful patience and on NRS’ blog.

The second and third financial lessons for prosperity found in Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon state that one must ‘start thy purse to fattening’ and ‘control thy expenditures.’ When a person pays his or herself first, and uses what is at his or her immediate disposal, s/he will make way for more money to come, thereby creating a ‘fattened’ purse. Recall that Clason recommended that a person sets aside 1/10 of his or her earnings for his or herself. His rationale was that the money one sets aside will accumulate because it isn’t being spent.   Since some of the money is no longer being spent, a person would then have to get used to living off of less. This creates a need for this person to control his or her expenditures. As in previous posts, the purpose today is to describe the ways that Clason’s wise counsel can be translated into broader contexts and made applicable to the areas of relationships and personal development.

When you engage in self-care and give time to yourself and your needs, you have more to offer the world. Your purse is fat and you can freely give to those people and causes that need your unique insight and energy. Since you are now accustomed to paying and giving to yourself first, you get used to living and operating within a budget. Where you would once have had trouble with setting and maintaining boundaries, becoming spent after giving your entire self to the causes, people, and occasions that did not deserve this full amount of devotion, you realise that everything and everyone does not deserve the same amount of attention.

Controlling your expenditures means realising that there is a difference between what you want and what you need. A character from Clason’s work states, “Confuse not the necessary expenses with thy desires. Each of you…has more desires than your earnings can gratify. Therefore are thy earnings spent to gratify these desires insofar as they will go. Still thou retainest many ungratified desires” (20). There are more demands placed upon us and desires than we could count. Therefore, we must not become blind-sighted, we must know our priorities and stay within them. This means that we use our remaining energies to meet our needs and some of our desires, realising that the greatest desire of all that we have is to continue to have a fat purse. Our fat purse means great relationships, a healthy self-concept, self-esteem, and other self-care practices.

This week, focus on starting your purse to fattening and learning that less is more! This may mean you have to say no more often, with the realisation that you are saying yes to you and making a wise investment!


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