Tasha Richardson, blogger for a beautiful patience, introduces a new series “Invest in YOU” for the National Runaway Safeline (check out the intro…

Tasha Richardson, blogger for a beautiful patience, introduces a new series “Invest in YOU” for the National Runaway Safeline (check out the intro piece here and part one here). Tasha was a Public Ally for NRS and dreams of changing the world one thought and positive interaction at a time. You can read more of her work on a beautiful patience and on NRS’ blog.prompt

Through various characters in his great work The Richest Man in Babylon, Clason encourages would-be investors to invest wisely and guard their treasures from loss. He cautions that one must not be led astray by the promise of riches if the risk of loss is higher than the promise of gain. He also admonishes us against freely giving of the wealth we’ve accumulated to people who know nothing about it with the expectation that they can help us grow it. Unsurprisingly, these lessons are also applicable in ways that go beyond financial ramifications (check out other lessons here, here and here).

There is a great wealth of treasure within us–comprised of the unique skills, gifts, and talents that only we possess. That treasure within continues to grow when we find ways to serve, express our gratitude, rediscover ways we can be grateful for our situation, and grant generous compliments and positive affirmations to others. Guarding these treasures within and allowing them to continue to grow freely requires that we invest intentionally and purposefully.   This is where Clason’s tips will come in handy.

Reinterpretation of Clason’s Tips

  1. Practice Discernment- When deciding how much you should invest in relationships with other people, consider whether their actions and behaviours actually add value to your life or subtract from it. According to John C. Maxwell, people can be divided into three types: takers, traders, or investors. Takers only take from you what you give, traders only give if you give, and investors give freely to you with the understanding that at some point in the future, they will most likely end up with a return on their investment. To read more about Maxwell’s concepts click here.
  1. Get help- Find people that have healthy relationships and practice self-care and learn from them how to increase this form of wealth in your life. Read this article to learn about one woman’s journey toward having healthy relationships.

Remember, you are valuable–know your worth, invest wisely, and guard your wealth! We wish you much success on your journey toward a better relationship with yourself and those you love!



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