We received a special treat the other day when LeeAnn Trotter from NBC Chicago visited our offices to learn about the resources we provide for homeless and runaway youth.

She also was here to interview our Volunteer of the Year, Carolyn Smigla, as well as our Executive Director Maureen Blaha.

The office was abuzz with excitement. It is always special when the local news or a documentarian visits us in order to share our stories. It is one of the best ways for us to let the public know about the work we do, functioning as the national safety hotline for runaway youth, and our mission, to help keep runaway, homeless and at-risk youth safe and off the street.

We have special guests from @NBCchicago here to interview our #runaway #youth #callcenter operators!

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Ms. Trotter and her camera operator arrived, and were welcomed by Ms. Blaha. They exchanged pleasantries as Ms. Smigla arrived. Ms. Trotter then introduced herself to Carolyn, and they spent a few moments getting to know one another. Meanwhile, the camera operator found the best possible angles to capture footage of our crisis call center in action.

Ms. Trotter asked Carolyn about her background and her choice to volunteer at NRS. Carolyn explained that her volunteer work is a tribute to a young friend of hers that took his own life. She has been involved in volunteer work for 28 years in different capacities.


We’re on TV! Thank you NBC Chicago and LeeAnn Trotter! #news #nbc #chicago #runaway #youth #volunteer   A photo posted by National Runaway Safeline (@1800runaway) on

After completing her interview with Carolyn, Ms. Trotter then spent some time with our Executive Director, learning more about our services for runaway, homeless and at-risk youth. Ms. Trotter asked about our new website, our expanded communication options such as our live chat and email options, and our mission.
You can watch the full interview Carolyn Smigla and Maureen Blaha gave to NBC Chicago below:


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