Each month, NRS will honor a local non-profit organization that helps to keep runaway and homeless youth safe and off the streets.

This month, NRS is launching our ‘Organization of the Month” program. Each month, NRS will select, recognize, and honor one national or local agency or nonprofit organization that helps to keep runaway, homeless and at-risk youth safe and off the streets through its ongoing initiatives, special programs or other activities. NRS will identify national awareness months and organizations that support them, with a youth focus.

Our August 2015 Organization of the Month is Youth Services System (YSS) in Wheeling, WV.

At-Risk and Runaway Youth Service Organization  Youth Services System of West Virginia

YSS was an incredibly active member of the National Runaway Prevention Month (NRPM) 2014 Task Force and has joined the Task Force again in 2015. YSS is committed to responding to the complex needs of youth at serious risk. For over 40 years, YSS has reached 25,000 youth and their families with their shelter, residential, community-based and professional services. Together with youth and their families, they work to improve their physical and emotional well-being, to address the debilitating effects of abuse, addiction, and trauma, and to build the skills and connections they need to be successful.

West Virginia Non Profit Organization Devoted to At Risk and Runaway Youth

YSS was organized in 1974 as a nonprofit by local citizens, social workers, clergy, attorneys and judges seeking answers for youth and families in crisis. Today, YSS operates emergency shelters for youth: Samaritan House in Wheeling and Helinski Shelter in Moundsville. Further, it operates the only Safe Place program in West Virginia and the only private nonprofit juvenile center in West Virginia.

YSS organized the Wheeling SleepOut event in November 2014 during NRPM. The event not only raised money for local programming, but raised awareness of youth homelessness as a national issue. For all they do to provide services to youth in West Virginia as well as raise the profile of youth homelessness as an issue, we are happy to honor YSS as the August 2015 Organization of the Month. For more information about YSS and the work they do, please visit their website at youthservicesystem.org.

For more information, connect with NRS at 1800RUNAWAY.org via chat , email, forum or text at 66008.


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