Learn why longtime NRS supporters Ronda and Alan Channing initially chose and continue to be involved with NRS

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Ronda Channing

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Ronda Channing

Ronda and Alan Channing have been long time supporters of NRS and its mission- both as volunteers and donors. Mrs. Channing recently shared some insight as to why her and her husband initially chose and continue to be important benefactors to NRS.


What initially compelled you and Mr. Channing to get involved in NRS?

We moved to Chicago from NYC in 2004.  At some point after that, I became a liner at NRS. I saw a notice recruiting volunteers on the bulletin board at a public library and made the call. I had been a high school Guidance Counselor in New York and was naturally drawn to working with teenagers. What do you find important about the work NRS does?

That began my long stint with NRS. I’ve lost track of the number of years (maybe 8). One year, I was Volunteer of the Year. I saw from the beginning how much integrity NRS has as an organization, and I wanted to be there. Everything was about the mission and supporting the youth.   As a liner, I took calls that I remember to this day. One from a boy walking along the highway in Golden, CO, trying to get to Denver. I was lucky enough to find someone willing to drive out there and pick him up. He broke down and cried when I told him. I also remember calls that didn’t end well. Why do you think it is so important to be philanthropic?

My husband and I believe that people who have more should help people who have less. We are committed to causes involving need and social justice. Why do you continue to support NRS?

I continue to support NRS because I believe in the organization and the mission. If there were an NRS office in New


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