Meet our October 2015 Volunteer of the Month, Kerrie Klein, crisis call center volunteer. Learn more about her work and contributions.

Crisis Call Center Volunteer of the Month Kerrie Klein

Our October Volunteer of the Month is Kerrie Klein, who joined NRS as a volunteer frontline team member AKA ‘liner’ in January of this year.

Kerrie became involved with the National Runaway Safeline last fall through friends with mutual interests. “Some co-workers who also volunteer had a ‘brown bag lunch-and-learn’ and invited people who they thought might be interested in becoming liners. I have a lot of respect for the people who presented and decided to check it out.”

Kerrie continues to volunteer at NRS because of who we serve and the caring people providing the service. “The people – both in the call center and those using the services. There are so many great, caring people on staff and it feels really good when you feel like you’ve made a difference for a caller or chatter.” Kerrie believes her strength as a call center operator is in her listening skills. “I’ve found that a lot of times calls will start with a specific question, but then once you get callers talking a bit, they are really looking for help beyond that initial ask.”

When she is not listening to callers and helping those in need, Kerrie enjoys Big 10 football. “I am a die-hard Iowa Hawkeye fan. Watching football in Kinnick Stadium in the fall is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and as a bonus it’s like a mini-family reunion every weekend.”

Asked if she had any last thoughts to share during her moment of recognition, Kerrie could only compliment her fellow frontline team members. “Everyone is really supportive of other liners and I find myself picking up ideas for how to handle future calls just seeing others in action on the lines, too.”


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