Meet our September 2015 Volunteer of the Month, Nora McAllister, a member of our crisis call center staff. Learn more about Nora and her wonderful work.

Volunteer of the Month, September 2015, Nora McAllister

Our September Volunteer of the Month is Nora McAllister, a caring and dedicated person who became a volunteer with the NRS crisis call center in May of 2013.

According to Nora, she decided to volunteer at NRS in order to provide comfort to youth in need. “I became involved in NRS through a close friend. We have done many service trips together volunteering for teen trips with Habitat for Humanity and Teen Service Week. When she told me about NRS I was a little nervous but was glad to learn about the training program and all the support from the supervisors. So I thought about it and decided it was time I gave back to the teens in any way that I can, be it listening, trying to find shelter for them or just being a comfort.”

Nora continues to work with NRS because she wants those in need to know there are people who care. “Even if I can’t help every caller as much as I’d like I think it’s important that every caller knows there is a caring person on the line who wants to do what they can to help.”

Nora is excellent at what she does as a volunteer because she listens so well to the callers’ needs. “I think my greatest strength is being both supportive and as honest as I can be with the youth so they know where they stand and what help we can provide for them.”

When she is not volunteering, Nora hits the dance floor whenever she is able.  “I love to dance at home with my dog, out with friends, or at a wedding. I just find it a lot of fun. Of course if you ask anyone the general consensus is that I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld.”

Always thinking of others before herself, Nora shares her spotlight moment with her fellow volunteers. “I just want to thank everyone who volunteers. It makes me very proud when I come in for my shift and see all the volunteers giving their time and compassion. It’s also nice just to talk to everyone and laugh when we are not on calls. I can’t begin to thank the supervisors for their support and kindness – they make me feel like I can be my best every shift.”


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