I’m planning to run away because truthfully I think they wouldn’t care at all. I’ll just fade away from their minds just like that. I’ve…


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I’m planning to run away because truthfully I think they wouldn’t care at all. I’ll just fade away from their minds just like that. I’ve cut myself so deep but the next day nothing. I’ve cried myself to sleep trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. 

– posted on the NRS’ Forum October 2015

In a year, 1.6 million youth will run away.  Each youth will decide being on the street is better than being at home.  He or she may believe that no one cares.  And no matter what the home situation is for each of these 1.6 million youth, the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) knows for certain someone does care.  We care!  NRS cares about keeping youth safe and off the streets.

Since 1971, NRS has been caring for youth in crisis.  We have been providing services for multiple generations of young people.  Although our concern has always been on keeping youth safe and off the streets, our service delivery has changed over the last forty years.  Technology allows us to communicate with youth in ways that are more meaningful  and accessible for them.  We aren’t just a call center.  As the federally-designated communication system for runaway and homeless youth, NRS has become a state-of-the-art crisis hotline and online center.  Youth can call 1-800-RUNAWAY, click on 1800RUNAWAY.org or text 66008 and access help.  We are hear 24/7/365.  And we care!

After thirty years in the same building, NRS moved down the street to more effectively provide services to youth in crisis.  On October 29th, NRS began serving families in crisis from our new Chicago home at 3141 B N. Lincoln Avenue. The new space has allowed us to increase from eight to 12 crisis hotline and online stations.  We now have a dedicated training center for over 120 volunteers to participate in 40 hours of crisis intervention training and ongoing continued education.  NRS is positioned to continue to provide excellence in services in a more optimized facility.  We are ready to care for the next generations of youth.

Our move couldn’t have happened without the generosity of our donors.  Even though we are fully functional in our new building, there is still additional updating that will help us serve our nation’s youth.  NRS wants to continue to transform services for the future by upgrading technology, enhancing training, and building outreach.

Please consider the National Runaway Safeline with an end of the year, tax deductible donation.  With your support, NRS will continue to help keep America’s runaway, homeless and at-risk youth safe and off the streets.   Donate here  on Giving Tuesday, December 1st and received mileage from United Airlines. Those who donate $50-$99 get 250 Miles, $100-$249 get 500 Miles, and $250+ get 1,000 Miles.  By supporting youth in crisis, United Airlines will reward you with mileage.

In appreciation,


Maureen Blaha

Executive Director


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