Each month we nominate a homeless youth volunteer to celebrate their contributions. For December of 2015, our Volunteer of the Month is Ron Schankin.

Homeless Youth Volunteer Ron Schankin

We are able to operate our youth crisis call center and online connections center because of the dedication of our volunteers. In order to celebrate their contributions, we nominate an NRS volunteer each month.

For December 2015, our Volunteer of the Month is Ron Schankin.

Learn more about Ron and what motivates him to volunteer his time serving homeless, runaway and at-risk youth.

Ron first became a volunteer in December of 2008. He came to NRS through a bit of serendipity. Ron moved into the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago where our offices are located. He and his wife became involved together. Ron explained, “In 2008 my wife, Anne, and I moved near  NRS’ office. We learned more about the opportunity, completed training and have been ‘lining’ together ever since!”

Ron’s proximity to our offices, as well as his background, made him an ideal volunteer. “I studied Psychology at Illinois State and the University of Illinois because the human mind and behavior are so fascinating.” Asked what he thought his strongest skills as a “liner” are, Ron believes it’s his emotional intelligence, which he continually improves through his experiences at NRS.

We asked Rob why he keeps coming back to volunteer at NRS, and he says it is the youth we serve, as well the atmosphere of our call center. “Youth give me back so much more than I give, and the positive environment in the call center.” Our staff does a great job of making our volunteers feel appreciated, and it is reflected in Ron’s enthusiasm. “All call center supervisors are fantastic! A special shout-out to Amelia Garcia for all she does for others.”

We thank Ron and his wife, Anne (who also serves on the board of directors), for their time, generosity and passion for helping youth in need. Congrats!

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