This month, our Donor of the Month is United Airlines. The support we receive from United is truly immeasurable. Learn more here.

Donor of the Month - December 2015 - United Airlines

Donor of the Month

This month, we want to celebrate one of our biggest benefactors: United Airlines.  From sponsoring our annual Spirit of Youth benefit and flying our award recipients in from New York, to sending a team of volunteers to help NRS staff get set up in our new offices, the support we receive from United is truly immeasurable.  NRS executive director Maureen Blaha reflects on the origins of our agency’s partnership with United:

NRS was initially connected to United through Chamber of Commerce President Jerry Roper.  I was introduced to him early in my tenure through a friend of my husband’s who scheduled a meeting in Jerry’s office.  He (Ken Karlson who was also a huge supporter and connected us to the Concierge Association, Chicago Chapter) and I met with Jerry so I could be introduced and share about the good work of NRS.  President Jerry Roper said he wanted to help.  We talked about our upcoming Spirit of Youth benefit and he put me in touch with United who donated tickets for our auction in 2003…and they have continued to be a supporter, increasing its support each year since.”

United Airlines’ Director of Corporate and Community Affairs/President, United Airlines Foundation Suzi Cabo has been instrumental in fostering a relationship between the United and NRS.  She had the following to say:

United Airlines’ Director of Corporate and Community Affairs/President, United Airlines Foundation, Suzy Cabo

Front row: Greg Cabo, Our Board Chair Suzi Cabo and Bill Egan. Back row: Brett Dinning, Jason Chu, Nicole Lee, Steve Fus, Mary Fus


What appeals to you and your team about the work NRS does?

As a global airline, we are all about making connections. NRS’ mission to connect at-risk and runaway youth with life-saving resources and ultimately reuniting with loved ones is important to us and United is proud to support the organization.

Sum up United Airline’s general attitude towards philanthropy

At United, we believe in connecting people to make a difference. By engaging our employees, customers and local communities we are able to make a difference where we live and work.

Thank you to United Airlines!

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