Learn more about himself and his work with runaway and homeless youth.

January 2016 Volunteer of the Month Jairo Ramirez

We are pleased to announce the first Volunteer of the Month for 2016, Jairo Ramirez. Jairo has been volunteering with NRS since February of 2015, taking calls and online connections in our call center.

Let’s learn more about Jairo, and why he chooses to donate his time and effort towards services for runaway and homeless youth.

Jairo took his time to research and determine where he wanted to volunteer. “After searching different non for profits in Chicago, I finally found NRS, and knew this was the one I wanted to dedicate my time to.” He was looking for a volunteer opportunity where he could fully apply his skills. The youth he serves at NRS fuels his desire to use those skills. “Every time I come in, I listen to a different story, to a different situation. Just knowing that there are still so many youth (and parents), that need our help in their unique situations, motivates me to keep coming back. To keep helping them.”

The qualities that make Jairo such a great volunteer “liner” at NRS are his abilities to listen and to empathize. “Friends and family have always considered me to be a good listener, not the type of person that just tries to think what to say next, but the type of person that really listens and tries to understand and identify with what you are saying. Which in my opinion, is very important as a liner.”

A fun fact about Jairo is that he is a dog lover. “I am the father to two French bulldogs.” He speaks of them often. When asked if he would like to give a “shout out” to anyone, Jairo wanted to share his feelings about NRS and his fellow volunteers. “I just want to thank NRS for giving me this amazing opportunity to keep helping others. Also, thank you to every person who volunteers here, You all are amazing!”

Congratulations again to Jairo, and look back in February for our next Volunteer of the Month!

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