Meet Our Volunteer of the Month for February of 2016.

Mary Ward Volunteer Of The Month February 2016

We are excited to announce the Volunteer of the Month for February, 2016, Mary Ward. Mary has been volunteering with NRS since January of 2015 in our crisis services center.

We asked Mary how she first got involved at NRS. “I was looking for volunteer opportunities to give back, get out of my comfort zone, and experience new things.  I met a liner a long time ago and that conversation always stuck with me.  I saw NRS was looking for weekend volunteers and the rest is history.”

Mary keeps coming back to NRS because of the services we provide to those in need. “I really enjoy helping people. You never know what’s going to happen when you pick up the phone.  To pick up the phone and talk to someone who is going through a rough time, it takes you out of whatever is going on in your life and forces you to focus on their moment.  It feels good to be there for people when they sometimes need it the most. ” Mary says that the traits that make her a strong liner are her empathy and her ability to connect with people.

When asked what she would like to share during her “Open Mic” moment, Mary wanted to praise her fellow volunteers. “I’ve been really lucky to have met some wonderful people while volunteering here.  So thanks for coming in and making this a great place!”

Congratulations, again, to Mary Ward. Check back next month for our March Volunteer of the Month!


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