This is the first of a series of articles written by our Board of Directors on why they choose to support NRS. The first is our youth board member, Robert Speed

This month, we are sharing the first of a series of articles written by our generous and dedicated Board of Directors. Board members will be invited to share their thoughts on why they choose to support NRS, and support our work with runaway and homeless youth. Our first contributor is our youth board member, Robert Speed, a junior at Senn High School in Chicago. Robert also volunteers in NRS crisis services center. 

NRS Youth Board Member Robert Speed

Hi, my name is Robert Speed and I am the youth board member at the National Runaway Safeline. I have been on the board since September 2015.

I joined the board because I enjoy helping youth who are in need of services, and feel as if they have no one or nowhere to turn. I started off volunteering, and still do so, hoping that I can help people. The opportunity came up where I was able to become the youth board member representative. What made me decide to accept joining the board, is that I was able to give my perspective from the voice of a youth who had experienced some situations similar to the youth we serve.

I support the National Runaway Safeline because we provide a safe place for youth wherever and whenever. In the past, NRS has supported me and other youth that I know who were in situations and had nowhere to turn. The service that NRS provides that I feel is most helpful is our online services, such as chat, because it helps youth, who utilize it the most, feel more comfortable talk about issues without having to say it. It makes it easier for youth to talk about things that happened without actually saying it. My hopes for NRS is to be able to support as many youth and families in crisis as possible.

Thank you, Robert, for your contributions and support!

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