Consider joining our Youth Activist League. Managed by our Community Engagement Specialist, Andrea Medina, the YAL is our initiative to connect with youth on their level.

Join our Youth Activist League and Help Runaway Youth.

Youth Can Choose to Help Runaway Youth through our Youth Activist League


We try to reach runaway youth that may need our help, but many teenagers that are considering running away may not realize that a service like ours exists. If, however, other teens and youth within their school or amongst their friends were prepared with information about how to contact us, we could help prevent those youth from ending up on the streets alone and in danger.

Thankfully, there are youth out there who are interested in helping those in need. These are the type of candidates that we are always in need of to help us with our mission. We routinely seek out youth advocates for our services. These youth make up our Youth Activist League.

The YAL is a group of young people across the country that responds to monthly ‘calls to action’ by NRS on their own social media pages. In answering these prompts they raise awareness of issues facing teenagers and help runaway teenagers, homeless, and at-risk youth, raise the visibility of NRS’ work and provide their input on social issues affecting youth. Managed by our Communications team, the YAL is our initiative to connect with youth on their level.

“The main goal for YAL is to help us spread awareness and be completely open to the youth’s ideas and vision.” – Andrea Medina, former Community Engagement Specialist

The YAL is asked to radiate our message to their networks. The typical call to action for the Youth Activist League is a specific prompt using a predetermined hashtag to track reach.

An example might be:

Post a photo, quote, or original thought about what you think makes for a healthy relationship and use the #1800RUNAWAY and #healthylove.

We ask that youth make a commitment of a year to be a part of the YAL, which would allow the youth to gain community service hours, and to learn more about our agency and the work that we do. Andrea Medina says that the ideal candidate is “someone who is actively sharing their thoughts and ideas and who wants to actively share what they want to see in the upcoming YAL newsletter.”

As part of the League, members can participate in activities beyond our calls to action that can help. This include:

  • Putting up our posters around their school
  • Host bake sales
  • Make t-shirts

Youth are able to be creative in their choices of activities. Youth can learn firsthand about activism, and help their peers.

The Youth Activist League is designed to be simple for youth to participate in our mission and to be helpful within their communities. The YAL can help us carry our message about our “Home Free“program, our runaway prevention curriculum, and our social media campaign.

And according to Andrea Medina:

“The coolest part of being a member is that we take the youth’s suggestions seriously and we try our best to try and make it more youth friendly to spread awareness about what it is that we do and how we are able to best help youth.”

We hope you decide to join the Youth Activist League. Learn how today! Send us an email today!


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