Learn more about Kiley and why she chooses to volunteer at NRS.

Our Crisis Services Volunteer of the Month for March, 2016, Kiley Moore

We are proud to announce our crisis services Volunteer of the Month for March 2016, is Kiley Moore.

Her reaction when told about our acknowledgement of her service:

“Whaaaat? That’s awesome! I’m so honored!”

Kiley is a wonderful asset to our crisis services call center, providing energy and positivity to her fellow “liners” and staff. Let’s learn a little more about Kiley and why she chooses to volunteer at NRS.

How did you first become involved with NRS? I was searching for a volunteer opportunity in which I could branch out and help other people. Helping kids, specifically, was really appealing to me.

Fun Fact: I have a cute cat with a pink nose named Simone deBeauvoir. Also, I’m simultaneously in an Andrews Sisters cover band as well as an electronic dance music cover band, creating a strange dichotomy of music in my head.

Crsis Services Volunteer Kiley Moore's Cat Simone


What have you found is your strongest skill as a liner? I quickly empathize with callers, see things from their point of view. Hopefully, that makes them feel safe and heard.

What would make your experience better? I wish I had more time to dedicate to NRS and furthering my education with extra seminars and events.

Open Mic Moment: I love to travel! If you see me in the crisis services center tell me your favorite place you’ve been.

Crisis Services Volunteer Kiley Moore Loves to Travel

What keeps you coming back? The kids and families I speak to on the lines need people to talk to. Sometimes they need a lot more than that, so I feel it’s the least I can do to listen and help when I can.

Have you thought about volunteering?


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