The $7,250 donation from Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation to NRS is for general operating support and 2016 Spirit of Youth sponsorship.

In February, Stephanie Cutter, representative from Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation, visited NRS and presented a check for $7,250 to Executive Director Maureen Blaha. The donation is for general operating support and 2016 Spirit of Youth sponsorship.

Coldwell Banker Supports Our Work With Runaway Youth through Donation
Coldwell Banker has supported the National Runaway Safeline (NRS) for over a decade.  The initial connection between NRS and Coldwell Banker was made by former board member and realtor Kelly Mead.  Kelly was instrumental in establishing a partnership between her company trying to establish homes for people and her charity working to keep youth safe and off the streets.  Over the years, Coldwell Banker has served as a sponsor of the annual Spirit of Youth event seven times.  They also hosted a fundraising event in 2009 that raised $21,000 for NRS. NRS honored them in 2010 with the Spirit of Youth award.

Honoring Coldwell Banker for Supporting Runaway Youth with the Spirit of Youth Award

Their donation, as well as the support from our other donors, allows us to continue our mission. Our primary funding comes from a grant from the federal government, but we need to generate additional funds and give people the opportunity to donate money so we can balance our budget.

We have unique challenges as an agency open 365 days a year, operating 24 hours a day. Our staff, facilities and technology that deliver our services must be maintained in order to continue to serve the nation’s runaway and homeless youth. Without this type of support, we would not be able to evolve with the changes in technology and the new ways that youth are choosing to contact us online.

Your help allows us to help those who need it most. Runaway youth are some of the most vulnerable people in society and need an advocate, an ear, a helping hand. Your helping allows us to “pay it forward.” Thank you to all who donate.

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