We get a lot of requests from those around the country who are interested in volunteering at our organization.

We get pleas from supporters who contact us through social media asking, “How can I volunteer?”, “Do I have to live in Chicago to volunteer?”, or, “I don’t live in Illinois, but I want to help.”

We are a national organization  based in Chicago, Illinois, providing hands-on volunteer opportunities in our Chicago crisis services center and administrative office.

For those not in Chicagoland that want to help, however, we do offer other ways that these dedicated, selfless, empathetic individuals can participate in our mission.

Options include:

  • Spread awareness of our youth crisis services
  • Perform outreach to youth at risk of running away
  • Receive training on our runaway youth prevention curriculum

How you can get involved

Spread awareness about NRS through our Street Team.

Our Street Team initiative is a community-based outreach program designed to spread awareness about NRS and to help youth in crisis across the country. Street team members can even earn rewards from NRS for their efforts.

After completing our application, a Street Team starter kit, filled with outreach materials, is shipped out and distributed where youth are most likely to spend time, such as malls, movie theaters, concerts, festivals, street fairs, etc.

To find out more, click into our FAQs.

Reach out to youth in need through our NRS’ Youth Activist League.

This option designed for youth ages 12 to 21 that are interested in activism. YAL is a group of young people across the country that are united with us in our mission to keep runaway, homeless and at-risk youth safe and off the street.

Members participate in a monthly “call-to-action” to be shared via their social networks and email contacts. These prompts are meant to raise awareness amongst teens and youth about the issues of runaway teenagers, youth homelessness, and at-risk youth. This also encourages youth to share what issues they believe cause youth in choosing to run away.

A typical post may be a hashtag, a photo, a quote or news about our agency. Our most important time of the year is National Runaway Prevention Month, which occurs in November. November is National Runaway Prevention Month, a campaign focused on getting the word out across the nation through our supporters and partners about the importance of runaway prevention, the hard truth about the prevalence of runaway and homeless youth, and what we as a society can do to advocate for more attention and support for programs that serve runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth.

You can learn more from our FAQs and join by contacting Andrea Medina.

Help prevent incidents of youth running away by providing life skills through NRS’ curriculum.

NRS’ free 14 module program ,“Let’s Talk: Runaway Prevention Curriculum,” available for download. This interactive, evidence-based curriculum is designed to educate young people of the alternatives to runing away, as well helping build life skills around problem-solving without engaging in unsafe behavior.

The curriculum can be used in schools, community centers, after school programs, etc. Each module has instructions, activities, worksheets and more. Currently, “Let’s Talk” is being utilized in 39 states.

You can download all 14 modules or individual modules for free today.

We have several options for those around the country who wish to help our organization. These options provide opportunities to connect with vulnerable youth and educate about a safe place to seek help at 1-800-RUNAWAY and 1800RUNAWAY.org. Consider joining us in this effort.


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