Let’s learn more about Tim and why he chooses to volunteer in our crisis services center.

Our Volunteer of the Month from Our Crisis Services Center, Tim Oravec

We are proud to announce our crisis services Volunteer of the Month for April, 2016, is Tim Oravec.

Tim’s reaction to being nominated:

I’m totally stoked and honored to even be considered. Thank you!!! 🙂

Tim has been a valued volunteer and even provided us insight into his experiences as a “liner” for our series of mini-documentaries (featured below this blog). Let’s learn more about Tim and why he chooses to volunteer in our crisis services center.

We asked Tim, “How did you become a Crisis Services Volunteer?”

I spent two years living in Oregon getting a master’s degree studying water science and environmental policy at Oregon State University. Go Beavers!

After living in Oregon, I moved back home to Chicago for work and really wanted to spend some of my free time doing something meaningful for those in need. I researched volunteer opportunities and came across the National Runaway Safeline. It seemed like a perfect fit, so I inquired about becoming a volunteer and the rest is history.

“What Keeps You Coming Back?”

Two things. First, the work itself. It’s meaningful, interesting, and you learn a lot. When you get a call that goes really well, you walk away feeling like a superhero. Second, the staff, supervisors and other volunteers. Everybody is so friendly!

Crisis Services Volunteer of the Month, April 2016, Tim Oravec

“What Have You Found is Your Strongest Skill as a Liner?”

Listening. Sometimes you want to keep asking questions and filling the silence, but some of my best calls were with people who were having a really difficult time and just needed somebody to hear them out. You can learn a lot that way, and it can do a lot of good for the caller.

“What Would Make Your Experience Better?”

It would be great to take some of the great conversations that go on while volunteering outside the call center. The occasional social hour or event for liners, volunteers, and staff to mingle and develop and cement relationships could be fun.

“Any Other Thoughts?”

Thanks to everybody for making volunteering at NRS such a wonderful, meaningful experience! I’m always amazed by all the great work I see everybody else doing. You’re all an inspiration!

Check out Tim in on our YouTube channel!


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