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We are proud to announce our crisis services Volunteer of the Month (June, 2016) is Chuck Needham.

We spoke with Chuck on why he chooses to volunteer at NRS:

Chuck Needham, NRS Crisis Services Volunteer of the Month for June of 2016“For one thing, it is simply a good idea to volunteer. I have been blessed in my life so why not give back. And for me, it is essential to do something where you roll up your sleeves and become involved. I am also getting closer to retirement, and volunteering in some capacity will be an integral part of my retirement years. And I am certain there is something else out there that will be as equally rewarding.”

We asked Chuck how he feels about the staff at NRS:

“I have such a respect for the supervisors and it has been so wonderful to get to know them a little better. I am so impressed by the hours they give to the organization. And, of course, I appreciate their wise counsel as I learn my way through the ever-varying process of helping a caller in need. It is so true that the supervisors with whom I am blessed to work really play a part in keeping me coming back.”

We asked what he has learned from his experiences:

“Most significantly that there is a need. There is a lot of pain and suffering out there on the streets and I hope that in some occasions I maybe have done a little something to lessen that suffering, and perhaps given a young person or parent some encouragement. I have also learned to cultivate that wonderful quality of empathy along with striving to be nonjudgmental. (It has been) tough for me – a dad – to do that, sometimes. I can easily go into my father mode but I try my best to quickly put on the brakes, listen and be there for them.”

Chuck’s final thoughts:

“As a volunteer, you are taking a break from your own day to day to focus on someone else and their needs. And often in some small way, you have lightened the load of a young person or parent that is struggling and had the courage to pick up the phone and reach out. And we can’t underestimate that courage. I can only imagine that for some the caller has gone deep to find the strength to just dial our number.”

We thank Chuck Needham for his service and congratulate him once again for being named crisis services Volunteer of the Month for June of 2016!


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