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Why I Support the National Runaway Safeline by Troy McDonald KaneMy name is Troy McDonald Kane and I’m currently on the Board of Directors at NRS. I joined the board 3 years ago and I’m extremely proud to help drive the vision of what the National Runaway Safeline is and what it can become in the future. I also act as Co-Chair of the annual Spirt of Youth fundraiser which is being held on October 15th this year at Navy Pier.

Since college I have volunteered at LGBT youth centers in Chicago, first with the Broadway Youth Center and then with the Center on Halsted. NRS has always been a beacon of support to the LGBT community not just in Chicago, but across the country. The call center has helped thousands of LGBT youth as they struggle with acceptance, coming out, living on the streets, and most important letting them know someone is there that will listen. When the opportunity came to me to be a board member I was excited to become part of an extraordinary organization.

What impresses me the most about NRS is what they do with the resources they have financially. The operating budget is small and as a result, NRS depends on volunteers to staff the call center, help with events and spread the mission of NRS. I can’t express how amazing our volunteers are and I want to send a big thank you to current and past volunteers for making NRS what it is today. I’m also very proud of the Spirt of Youth Task Force that is currently planning this year’s event.


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